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NDSG jewels are unique in their refined imperfection and inimitable as the soul of the wearer.

Nicotra Di San Giacomo recovers and saves ancient Renaissance weaving techniques to create a contemporary and universal style.

Each piece of jewelery is exclusive and preserves the secret of an artisanal and artistic knowledge that leaks from the mesh of its textile to reveal its beauty and extraordinary uniqueness.

The imperfection is in the essence of the craft product and constitutes its uniqueness.

In case you find any defects, please contact us. NDSG offers, in addition to the 1-year warranty, the LIFETIME service to all of its customers.

The Lifetime warranty reflects the confidence that NDSG has in the design and manufacture of its jewels. NDSG guarantees that its products are handcrafted according to the highest quality standards and that, at the time of purchase, they are free from defects in materials or workmanship, excluding the imperfections that make a handmade jewelry unique.

The Lifetime service allows the replacement of the jewel with a new one, at the sole cost of the material.

Lifetime covers all manufacturing faults of NDSG products related to materials and workmanship, under normal conditions of use and its duration is equal to the life span of the product (until the customer discards it).

To use the service, just activate the NDSG international guarantee on the website by entering the identification code present on the same within 30 days from the date of purchase.